Excimer Laser Repair

LSX Series

Leap Series

Lambda Steel Series

LPX series

308nm Excimer Laser

We are an expert service provider for the EXCIMER Laser system.

We offer service of re-marketing, repairs service, 308nm excimer laser refurbishments, and relocation services. Established the RD Lab Center and workshop in Taiwan. Warehouse for excimer laser spare parts stock.

Technology Service Item:

  • Excimer Laser tube refurbish and Repair service
  • Excimer Laser system Refurbishment and Retrofit
  • Excimer Laser system relocation service
  • Excimer Laser equipment parts trading
  • Customized Spare parts development

Laser Equipment Model:

  • Lambda Steel series LS1000
  • Lambda SX excimer laser series SX315C, SX200C
  • VYPER Series Laser

248nm Excimer Laser

Excimer Laser Repair/Refurbishment Item:

  • Excimer Laser Discharge Chambers (LDU)
  • Output Coupler Lens (OC Lens)
  • Laser beam shutter
  • Laser beam dump
  • High Voltage Power Supply Repair (TDK Lambda LC1202L)
  • Gas module
  • Blower motor controller
  • Cryopump / Gas purify unit (GP)
  • Hand-held terminal (HHT) / Keba KeTop C50

Other miscellaneous parts:

  • Ultra 10 workstation
  • Optics, Lens A / B / C
  • ASML, NIKON, CANON parts improvement
  • LC1202L HVPS Cable
  • Chamber windows
  • MV10A gas valve
  • Tube Pressure sensor
  • Beam Dump
  • Beam Shutter
  • HHT